Personal & Work Life



Staying connected with your community will be the key to your success and happiness while stationed at Joint Base Charleston. The Personal & Work Life program is designed to help all member of team Charleston adapt to current and future changes in their lives, by offering a variety of workshops and seminars for parenting, marital enrichment stress management, and effective communication skills.

Key Spouse Program

The Key Spouse Program is an official unit and family program designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of Air Force community. It is a commander’s program that promotes partnerships with unit leadership, volunteer Key Spouses appointed by the commander, families, the Military & Family Readiness Center and other community and helping agencies. The program has been standardized across the Air Force to address the needs of all military families, with special emphasis on support to families across the deployment cycle. Contact the M&FRC to find your Key Spouse and for information on becoming a Key Spouse.


Navy Ombudsman Program

An Ombudsman is an official representative of the Commanding Officer and plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining current and accurate communication between the command and its family members. Ombudsman training begins with ombudsman basqic training that covers the Navy’s Family Ombudsman Program and the skills needed to do the job. Ombudsmen maintain and increase their knowledge and skills by attending advanced training offered by Fleet and Family Support Centers and local Ombudsman Assemblies.


The purpose of the Heart Link Program is to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. Appreciating that spouses play an important goal in re-enlistment decisions, therefore impacting retention, the overall program goal is to ensure that spouses are aware of their importance to the Air Force, and feel as though they are a part of the Air Force “team.” Each base appoints a Heart Link Administrator to oversee the program, which includes orientation activities consisting of presentations, interactive games and exercises.


Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC)
This is a Department of Defense initiative in support of military members and families. A solution-focused consultation, and members and/or families may have up to 12 visits. Military & Family Life Consultants are licensed clinical counselors assigned to Joint Base Charleston Military & Family Readiness Center to work with families, individuals, couples, and children to provide non-medical problem identification counseling services. Non-medical counseling services include anger management, conflict resolution, parenting, relationship issues, homesickness, assignment stress and decision-making skills.


Air Base:

  • 628th ABW – 843-940-0133
  • 628th MDG/LRS – 843-259-7023
  • 437th MXG – 843-830-8410
  • 14th AS, 15th AS, 16th AS – 843-214-4955

Weapons Station:

  • Rotational (all of WS outside of NNPTC & NNPTU): – 843-214-6500 or
  • NNPTC Embedded: – 843-253-2001 or 843-214-5346
  • NNPTU Embedded: – 843-597-0721


The P&WL program promotes community wellness and assists with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle. The M&FRC provides consultation and assistance to base leadership to address individual and family concerns. The program provides active duty military, retirees, guard and reservists, DoD civilians and family members a range of prevention and enrichment services designed to strengthen their resiliency in dealing with the demands of military life. Focus is on promoting, enriching and improving work/home balance, resulting in increased quality of life and resiliency


Services include:

  • Consultation: One-on-one assessment counseling for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Marriage Planning Guide: provides information from the chaplains, housing, finance, accounting and finance.
  • Couples Communication: Learn communication skills and conflict resolution techniques that really work! Couples will be introduced to the “Five Love Languages” and the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) approach to building a lasting and loving relationship. Registration required.
  • Bundles for Babies, sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society, covers financial aspects of bringing up a child. Other agencies are on hand to provide information, as well. Expecting AD parents receive a layette/bundle from their respective Aid Societies upon completion.
  • Managing Millennials
    Understand what defines a Millennial as well as the reasons that Millennials are important in the workforce. This is a great training for supervisors and managers and anyone on staff that manages employees. Learn to understand each generation, through communication and adapting skills and how to implement those lessons.
  • Millennials at Work
    Understand the challenges that stand in the way of success and the skills necessary for achieving greatness at work. Learn abut the potential roadblocks you will face at work and how to work around them • Seven key skills that will help you become more valuable and advance your career • How to communicate more effectively with older generations
  • Koru Mindfulness Meditation
    Koru Mindfulness® offres a unique, evidence-based curriculum and teacher certification program that was specifically developed for teaching mindfulness, meditation and stress-management.
  • Resilience Training
    • Personal Communication Workshop
    • 4 Lenses Personality Workshop
    • True Colors (personality temperament)
    • Conflict Style Profiles
    • De-Stress Workshop
    • Relationship Building Workshops
    • Lunch and Learn Series .
    • Parent Enrichment Program

Programs & Services:

  • Relationship Education and Coaching
  • Skills building designed to enhance work/life competencies for individuals, couples, and families
  • Consultations, assessments and educational services for squadrons, units and groups

Coordination and Planning of special events :

  • Onsite Classes and Courses
  • Family Resiliency Days and Events
  • Onsite Couples Events

Classes, Trainings, and Groups:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Active Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coping with Stress in a Relationship
  • Strengthening your Relationships
  • Setting Yourself up for Success
  • Time Management
  • The Entitlement Cure
  • Money and Relationships
  • The Deployment Emotional Roller Coaster
  • Scream-Free Parenting
  • How to Avoid Falling For a Jerk/kette
  • 5 Love Languages
  • Strong Interest Inventory

Effective Communication Handout:

Handouts for Effective Communication Virtual Module_September 2020

Calmness Handout:
Creating Calmness in Stressful Times_Virtual Module_October 2020

Experiential learning helps organizations build high-performance teams through hands-on activities that are fun and interactive. We consult with the organization to determine the long-term plans and desired outcomes wanted for the team and create a set of activities that helps get results.

Snap Shot of Services:

  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Building Trust in Teams
  • Conflict Resolution