What resources do you offer for expectant mothers?

Congratulations on this exciting news! We can offer a wide variety of resources from our Personal Work Life or Personal Financial Team such as budgeting, saving for college and Effective Time Management tools. We will also connect you with our partnering agencies at New Parent Support, WIC and NMCRS for free workshops, assistance and support during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy.

Does my sponsor have to be present for a spouse to receive assistance?

No, our goal is to ensure we provide services at the time they are needed. All DoD ID cardholders are eligible to receive Military & Family Readiness Center services.

If I am unable to attend a workshop, can you provide the workshop as a one on one appointment?

Yes, of course! We can provide any of our workshops as an individual appointment so that you can take advantage of the same resources the workshop attendees received.

If I schedule an appointment, will my information remain confidential?

Yes, we at MFRC respect each client’s privacy. It is very important to know that we are required to report any illegal or harmful behavior to yourself or others but outside of those rare situations all of your information will be 100% confidential!

If I am unable to attend a workshop or one on one appointment in person do you offer a virtual option?

Yes, we know how busy and hectic life can be! We offer all of our services virtually as an alternative to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner.

Do you offer counseling services?

MFRC does not provide counseling services but we will provide you with resources available such as the MFLC, Military OneSource, Chaplain or the Clinic in order to meet your needs. Our MFRC team can assist you with non-clinical assistance in the form of education providing you with communication and relationship tools.

Are Military Retirees eligible to utilize MFRC services?

Of course and thank you for your service to our great nation! Military Retirees are always welcome to attend our workshops and schedule one on one appointments.

Can MFRC promote my local business to military families?

Although at MFRC we LOVE to partner with our local Carolinians, we are not allowed to federally promote any outside businesses.


Do I need to go into the local Personnel Property Office to set up my move?

No need to go into the local Personnel Property Office to set up your move, start your DPS move and file claims at www.move.mil.  Once setting up your move in move.mil, you MUST contact with the Personnel Property office at 843-794-7577 or 843-794-7590.  You may also contact the Personal Support Detachment (PSD) as needed at 843-794-4036.  To gain more understanding as it relates to preparing for a move, contact the Military & Family Readiness Center’s at 843-963-8883 to sign up for the Relocation Workshop.

Where can I obtain general relocation information and referrals.

Militaryonesource is available 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year.  As you move, call 1-800-342-9647 for general relocation information and referrals or visit www.militaryonesource.mil  You may also contact Jointbase Charleston Military & Family Readiness Center at 843-963-8883 to connect with the Relocation Program Experts for additional information and support with referrals.

Is there a way service members and families learn about a new base and it’s local area? 

Yes, to learn more about Jointbase Charleston, visit www.jbcharleston.com To lean about any installation, visit https://installations.militaryonesource.mil, enter base installation name and click go to view installation facts and unit/facility contact information.  Don’t forget to contact the Military & Family Readiness Center office at 843-963-8883 to learn of workshops available to new comers upon arrival!

What can I do to prepare myself for my role as a Sponsor?

To prepare for your role as a Sponsor within the command, contact our Military & Family Readiness Center office at 843-963-8883 to register for the Sponsor Command Training.

I am a service member relocating with my family  from Point Loma to Joint Base Charleston. When should we make changes to DEERS/TRICARE?

You will Not make any changes to DEERS/TRICARE until you arrive to your Next Duty Station.  Contact the local DEERS office at 843-794-7771(WS) or 843-963-4521 (AB). Also refer to www.tricareonline.comwww.humanamilitary.com or contact the local TRICARE Benefits Advisor at 843-794-6030 and/or Tricare East at 1800-444-5445.


Do you guys do budgets?

Yes, well by “do”- we help YOU in creating your budget, adjusting your budget, and helping the budget align with your personal and financial goals. Once your budget is created, we recommend follow up appointments so we can see if any tweaks need to be made or if you are right on track!

I want to get into investing who do I talk to about specific stock tips and recommendations?

We can certainly help you with learning how to invest and educating you on the process of investing. However, our Accredited Financial Counselors won’t be able to give you specific stock recommendations or tips. That job would be better suited for a private sector meeting with a Certified Financial Planner or similar designation.

So what exactly is the difference between a Financial Counselor and  Financial Planner?

Great question, a financial counselor focuses on the education and training piece of financial health; helping facilitate client based solutions to their own problems, and can help with the whole spectrum of personal finance.  A financial planner or advisor will usually have access to your money, be able to move it around for you, and will be able to give specific recommendations on fund choices.

The major difference between the two groups is that at JBCMFR, our financial counselors cost about 150-500$ less per hour as every appointment is FREE to eligible cardholders!

I need some money. How can I go about getting a loan from you?

That’s not us*!  A common misconception that happens often, but we cannot loan any money out to service members. You are probably thinking of our friends over at Navy Marine Corps Relief Society where they provide quick assist loans and other help. You can find out more at https://www.nmcrs.org/

*If you are an Air Force Member, that is one of the functions we can provide. Please call us at 843-963-8883 and/or check out https://afas.org/


I need to schedule a financial appointment but can’t come in during the day. Are there any PM appointments past 1600?

Yes, we have been helping out our servicemembers with some select times during the week as late as 1900 slots to assist in creating a better financial future for you. Please specify if you would like one of these appointments when calling the front desk or check out our online scheduling system to see if one of those times work for you as well at https://jbcmfr.com/workshops-appointments/