Relocation Assistance


The goal of the Relocation Assistance Program is to ease personal and family stressors military families and DoD civilians experience with a permanent change of station (PCS) by providing assistance, counseling, sponsorship training and education throughout all phases of the relocation process.

Relocation assistance is available to service members, DoD civilians and their families authorized to make a PCS move. The Relocation Assistance Program is the most virtual of all services provided in the M&FRC. Customers can access online tools to assist them at every stage of the PCS, or attend classes for inbound and/or outbound personnel, or meet individually with a relocations counselor. Always make sure to request a sponsor who can assist you and provide you with the most current JBC e-Sponsor Package.

Below are some valuable relocation resources:

  • Enter base installation name and click GO to view installation services and resources

  •  Click the Plan My Move link to access information about your entitlements and benefits, points of contact, planning tools, information on education and employment and build your custom checklist

  • For a variety of relocation services, click on Moving and Housing