Military and Family Life Counselors


Military and Family Life Counselors are Masters or Doctorate-level licensed counselors who provide FREE non-medical counseling to military families, individuals (service member and their spouse), couples, and children.  They work with you to address and improve life skills such as: anger management, communication skill building, conflict resolution, problem solving, parenting, parent and child communication, relationship issues, grief and loss, and marriage counseling.  Lastly, MFLCs also provide support relating to the challenges that are most experienced within the military lifestyle, including: deployment stress, reintegration, PCS stress, separation and loss, military life stress, and military work stress.

This type of counseling support that MFLCs provide is aimed at preventing the development or exacerbation of mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, etc.) that may detract from military and family readiness. Apart from mandatory state, federal, and military reporting requirements (i.e.: domestic violence, child abuse, drug use, illegal activity, and duty to warn situations), counseling is private and confidential.  Meetings with the MFLC do NOT go on the service member or family member’s medical record and there are NO notes or documentation with MFLC services.

There are multiple adult MFLCs available at both the Air Base and Weapons Station.  Another added benefit to the MFLC program is ease of access.  A referral is not required, and you are able to reach out to an MFLC at your convenience to schedule an appointment.  Typically, an MFLC can get your first appointment scheduled within a week of you making the call.  Lastly, MFLCs can also meet on or off installation (except for homes or vehicles).

Child and youth behavioral MFLCs are also available for children under the age of 18 and are located within the Child Development Centers (CDC) and Youth Centers on both the Air Base and Weapons Station.  During the school year, there are also MFLCs stationed at many public schools in the Charleston area.  Please reach out to any adult MFLC and they will help you get in contact with the MFLC who is located at your child’s school.

Below is the current list of adult MFLCs on both the Air Base and Weapons Station.  To schedule or inquire more about the services they can provide, feel free to call anytime Monday – Friday and leave a voicemail should you not reach them on your first attempt.  They will call you back within one business day.


Air Base Adult MFLCs:


628th ABW – 843-940-0133

628th MDG/LRS – 843-259-7023

437th MXG – 843-830-8410

14th AS, 15th AS, 16th AS – 843-214-4955

Weapons Station Adult MFLCs:


NNPTC Embedded: – 843-253-2001 or 843-214-5346

NNPTU Embedded: – 843-597-0721

All other Weapons Station units: – 843-412-3756 or 843-214-6500