JBCMFR & Trident Tech CNA Opportunity

Joint Base Charleston Military and Family Readiness Center & Air Force Aid Society have partnered with Trident Technical College to offer a unique training opportunity which will enhance the immediate employment prospects and create a portable career opportunity for a set number of military spouses. All Active Duty Air Force Military Spouses are eligible and encouraged to apply.

The proposal is a cooperative program with the local community college, Trident Technical College (TTC) for 24 active duty military spouses to attend the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program. Dorian O’ Murray, the primary Nurse Instructor at TTC emphasizes just how important the CNA can be to a potential candidate: “It is a great first step, really the foundation for patient care; particularly if you want to move on to different designations like LPN or RN.”

TTC provides the information and training needed to start an exciting, successful CNA career with growth potential in the medical field. Students will complete a 6 week course receiving 80 hours of classroom instruction and 50 hours of skills based learning. When asked how this CNA designation could benefit military spouses in particular; O’ Murray explained: “There is an extra advantage to military spouses, because if you have to transition to a new location, your employability will transition with you.”

Students will be completing instruction at TTC Thornley Campus (less than two miles from the Air Base). Class schedules are pending and awaiting the updated MOU from Trident Technical College. Upon successful completion of the CNA program, students are provided placement within our Tri-County medical facilities in partnership with Trident Technical College.

The standard cost of the CNA program per student is $1577.38 for course fees, materials, supplies and equipment.

Visit https://jbcmfr.com/our-programs/employment-readiness/ to access the application and other information.

Please complete the entire application; sign, date and return via e-mail to christina.harper.2@us.af.mil or deliver a printed copy to our front desk at 104 E Simpson St, Bldg. 500, ASAP. If returned via e-mail, please call (843) 963 4406 to confirm receipt of your application.