Personal & Family Readiness


The Personal and Family Deployment Readiness program is here to assist Airmen, Sailors, and their Families that are either experiencing a deployment now; getting ready for a deployment; or have just come home from a deployment. Whether single or married; with children or without; routine deployment or something more stressful, deployments have an impact on how we live, work, and on our relationships. We can assist with those in various stages of deployment and emotional cycles of deployment.

  • Are you Deploying or Going TDY for more than 30 days?
  • Returning from a Deployment?

We help with:

  •  Pre-Deployment Assistance:
  • Deployment Relationship Assistance:
  • Reintegration Assistance:

Heart Link
The Spouse Orientation Program “Heart Link” is designed to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. The overall objective is to increase retention of members in the military by increasing spouse awareness of the mission, customs, traditions, protocol, and support resources and services available to them.

The Military & Family Readiness Centers promotes family preparedness through education and participation in readiness support. Families are also provided assistance during extended absences of the military member, emergencies, and natural disasters.

Pamphlets, books and videos discuss how to prepare for deployment, cope with separation, and come back together as a family. MFR  staff works through units, spouse support groups, and with individuals to provide information and assistance.

Briefings at Joint Base Charleston

  • Pre-Deployment Briefs are mandated for deployers and we encourage your spouse to attend as well!
  • Welcome Home Reintegration Briefings are also mandated for returning deployed members and again spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Members must complete briefings within 72 hours of return.
  • Sustainment Services for Deployed Families
    • Hearts Apart Morale Calls entitles you to four fifteen-minute calls per month based on locations
    • Car Care Because We Care provides a free oil, oil filter, and lubrication for deployments over 30 days
    • Give Parents a Break provides free childcare for deployed families once a month
    • E-mail connection with the JBC MFR will keep you in the know of special events
    • Quarterly activities for Deployed & Remote Families
    • Monthly Deployed & Remote
    • Special classes for reintegration, building and maintaining relationships and more

Deployments are challenging enough for those who leave their families, however, family members also face challenges during the time apart. The following information is provided to acquaint family members with things they can do to prepare for deployments before they happen, while their family member is deployed, and once they return home.


  • Create a long-range budget to include once-a-year expenses
  • Establish allotments, up to four months in advance if possible
  • Checkbook maintenance: who will write checks, balance accounts?
  • Update or create a will
  • Locate important records, what and when bills are due
  • Insurance – car, life, renters, or home. When are premiums due
  • Power of attorney – do you need a general or specific POA
  • Telephone calls: length of calls, budget bills
  • Duplicate calendars: note special events, birthdays, and school activities. Keep each other updated
  • Establish rules regarding children’s discipline, chores, curfew, etc.
  • Gifts: buy in advance and leave with a friend or family member for anniversaries, birthdays and special events
  • Recognize and accept the range of emotions you are feeling, talk about them with your spouse
  • First sergeant’s name and phone number: keep this information close at hand for emergencies and current and accurate information
  • Military and Family Readiness Center: find out how their programs andservices can help you survive deployment
  • Develop a good support system: family, friends, church, school, co-workers, family readiness support groups and hobbies
  • Plan once-a-week outings for the parent manning the home front
  • Plan family days with quality time and no interruptions
  • Establish a routine that can be maintained before, during and after deployment
  • Plan family activities that help maintain the deployed parent’s presence — send photos, map your unit’s itinerary, videotape everyday activities